Trenched Circuit Board Technology for Ultra HDI

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Catlam is a patented PCB technology developed by Sierra Circuits, Inc. This new 'trenched circuit board' eliminates etching from the fabrication process and produces sub-3mil trace/space in a reliable, consistent and cost-effective manner.

Traditional Printed Circuit Board

Trenched Circuit Board

• Uneven surface

• Uneven solder mask thickness

• Lack of adhesion for fine lines

• Blind via aspect ratio .75:1

• 4 mil laser drill, 8 mil pad

• Over & under etching creates plating non-uniformity

• Problems with resist, resolution, adhesion development

• 20 layer board, 92 mils thick

• Flat Surface

• Even solder mask thickness

• No adhesion problem - trace is in the laminate

• Blind Via aspect ratio is 1:1

• 2.5 mil laser drill, 3.5 mil pad

• Uniform electroless plating up to .5 oz

• No resist, no etching (makes isolated features possible)

•  20 layer board, 62 mils thick

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