Learn about differential pairs in PCB transmission lines and make your designs more reliable.

Following our PCB Transmission Lines eBook, Sierra Circuits presents the Differential Pair eBook, which covers:

Differential and Common Mode Signals

  • Single-Ended Line
  • Differential Pair Line
  • Coupling Coefficient
  • Differential and Common Mode Signals
  • Odd and Even Modes
  • Differential and Odd Mode Signals

Differential Impedance, Even or Common Mode

  • Differential Impedance
  • Even or Common Mode
  • Recap: Odd and Even Mode Impedances

The Physical Parameters

  • Detailed Analysis of a Differential Pair in Terms of Line Inductances and Capacitances
  • Case 1: Odd Mode (Purely Differential Signal)
  • Case 2: Even Mode (Purely Common Mode Signal)
  • Single-Ended Impedance
  • Two Crosstalk Related Parameters

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