Science of Soldering Workshop

June 15 - 17, 2020

 Sunnyvale, CA

The Only Soldering Course That Meets

Modern Component Reliability Requirements

EMS Science of Soldering© is genuine education. With experiments and demonstrations, the course explains the essential science, exposes the myths, and develops a powerful “recipe” for perfect soldering.

The following curriculum has been designed to meet the special needs of process, design and quality engineers.

Topics Covered:

  • The Core Science
  • The EMS Science of Soldering Recipe
  • Machine Soldering
  • Lead–Free Solders and Soldering
  • Quality Systems and Reliability
  • Open Discussion
  • Shop Floor Implementation

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$799 / 3-Day Workshop

Our Speaker:

Noted as one of the world’s foremost authorities on reliability and efficiency in electronics soldering, Jim began working in electronics assembly in 1965. Since founding Electronics Manufacturing Sciences in 1981, Jim has designed production lines and implemented soldering process improvements in hundreds of electronics manufacturing facilities on four continents.

In addition to teaching and providing hands-on assistance with installing and fine-tuning soldering equipment, Jim is active in root cause analysis and resolution of product failures. For more than 30 years, Detroit automakers have turned to him when problems arise in product launches.

Jim is co-author of Optimizing Quality in Electronics Assembly (McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 1995). His Unconventional Wisdom column appeared monthly in Assembly Magazine for more than ten years and he remains a regular contributor to the magazine. His articles have appeared in more than 100 publications worldwide.  A native of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Jim has lived in St. Petersburg, Florida since 1991 but spends much of his time at client facilities worldwide.